We are a Portland based company specializing in art prints inspired by pop culture. We'd love to work with you on your cool project! E-mail us: hi@theninjabot.com.

Story time!

In an attempt to stay sane, while working their corporate day jobs in Las Vegas, two people enlisted their friends and started a site that would allow them to express to the world their unique take on art, design, and culture. Thus, NINJABOT was born. To fight the forces of menial dayjobs, and to keep creativity (mainly ours), alive.

We always wanted to create art prints and share it with everyone! It took a while for us to be able to concentrate on our dream. Finally, the time has come where we can share our art with everyone in the world!

These days, all we do is think Ninjabot, do Ninjabot, and create for Ninjabot so everyone can fall in love with our work as much as we do. We try to create fun, cute, and geeky art for you guys to enjoy. We appreciate every person that visits our site, and we hope while you are here you get to enjoy our work, and that you help spread the word of us.