PopCats Fighter! The Game

PopCats Fighter - Unleash The Furry game launching on Kickstarter July 2, 2018

PopCats Fighter is a turn base strategy card game that captured the essence of a fighting video in a table top experience  where your unique PopCat will fight against your friend's unique PopCat in a sweet 1v1 battle(or Dynamic Duo 2v2 mode) by attacking them with some gnarly Hit Cards, Move Enhancers, and Instant Cards  until your opponent's health goes down to zero!

However, your opponent is surely going to fight back with Block, Combo Breaks, Counter Cards, and more! The better you do in the game, the more chances you will have to Unlock Super Move Cards that will potentionally make you the winner!

No matter what PopCat character you love to play with, each game you will select a random Power Up for your character which will give each player an advantage against their enemy, so stay on your toes (or paws) each game! Don't forget to take advantage of your Power Up skills because they might make the difference between winning and loosing!

Want to review our game for your blog/website? We've love to get in touch with you! E-mail us at hi@theninjabot.com!

Meet Catana! She is a fierce cat, whose only fear is being second place!

Meet El Tigre! He loves to be wild, and his greastest enemy is failure!

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Unfortunately nowhere right now. This game needs funding to become a reality, and to do that we will launch our Kickstarter Project on July 2st, 2018 at 8am PST! There you will be able to make a pledge for the project, and in return you will get a game, if the project can raise enough funds within a certain period of time.

That means we will need your support by pledging to our project when it's live, and we need you to share this project with friends and family on any, and all social media to help us spread the word for this awesome new game!

The best way to keep in touch with the status of the project is by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @PopCatsFighter! This way you will also get a first look at the game's pre-production including card designs, new character releases, behind the scenes, and so much more!

Coming Soon!

This game is designed by Estefania Rodriguez, and it sure feels like an elegant 3-tier cake with so many fun and delicious layers, but the fantastic character designs and illustrations done by Arnel Baluyot (aka @theninjabot) are the icing on the cake! Wow, can you tell I'm hungry? I'm just trying to say that Estefania and Arnel's skills put together have made a new and creative game meant to feel like your arcade, and 80's video game days in a super cool analog card game that will surely  be the next big thing at your party!


If you have any questions, or concerns about anything related to our game let us know through social media @PopCatsFighter. We're trying to make the best game that we can so please, be patient with us as we will be constanly learning and updating this post with new info as the game develops now through the Kickstarter.
For press info, or other business questions, please send us an e-mail at hi@theninjabot.com to get in touch with us.