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Hello, my name is Arnel Baluyot, and I am an Illustrator.

"Why are you starting this new blog?"

- You (Probably)


Hello, my name is Arnel Baluyot, and I am an Illustrator.

"Why are you starting this new blog?" - You (Probably)

As if the internet wasn't filled with enough websites that let you express youself, I decided to add one more (super time consuming) task to my list of websites and social media that I will now be updating regularly(hopefully).

I'm starting this new blog to keep my website updated with not only my latest Art Prints that are available in my store, but also to show more of my current illustrations and projects. I tend to update my Instagram more often than my other social media, but my website has never been something that I update often. Sure, I add my new prints and merch, but I'm not always working on new products for the site. A lot of my time I spend doing freelance, or commission work, and when I'm not working I'm usually playing video games with my wife, or playing with our fur babies.


This blog will have posts about all kinds of things ranging from my personal drawings to life events, upcoming shows, new Kickstarter projects, and so much more! I'm really looking forward to having a bigger platform to showcase what I'm up to, instead of just using one, or two picture posts, with 140 characters or less. Although I really love Twitter and Instagram, in this blog I will be able to do a lot more detailed updates for those  interested.

If you have any suggestions for me about topics for posts that you are interested in, or just questions in general, let me know through Twitter at anytime!

An adorable collection of cute desserts, and drinks will brightned anyone's laptop, folder, or wall!

Here are a couple of commission custom Pet Pop Dog illustrations I did this past summer. ‚Äč

My Pop Cats Art Book is perfect for all cat lovers! It's just PURR-fect!( I had to that joke, I HAD TO!)

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